Order of the Cross of Knowledge

Le Royaume de Dieu ...

General information

The full name

The Order of the Cross of Knowledge – Sovereign Templar Order


Netherlands Law Association of Members

Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam number 34283051

RSIN tax number – 8185.30.571

The order is under Netherlands legislation for taxes treated as a recognized charity with ANBI status

(Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling = organization for the common good interest of societyt)

Statutory Head Quarter :

Schoolstraat 68d,

2202 HG Noordwijk,


Contact details

Mario Giuseppe Locatelli

Tel. +41 79 6202987

email : mario.locatelli@bluewin.ch

Chalet Virtus

PO Box559

CH 3918 Wiler

Board members:

No salary or other monetary grants are made to board members

Grand maitre (Voorzitter)

Mario G. Locatelli

Tel. +41 79 6202987


Questor (Penningmeester)

Gaspard Boot

Tel + 31 6 55857566


Ab Actis (Secretaris) :

Vacancy in Transition


Searching for Universal Harmony, respect for Earth and forces that created her and Promote the

Knowledge based on those Christian principles that come close to the Universal Laws of Nature

- all with the goal for people to understand each other better, especially where separated through

religion towards elements of a common belief

Financial Report of activities

The Order is a non-profit organisation pursuing only goals in the public interest

From the incorporation of the Association many meetings were made with people to explain

our objective. That is to increase the harmony of the people in front of the Nature perfection.

We explained the correspondence of figure between the nature, as creation of God, and God as

pure Spirit without Time and space. This natural concept of God is the theoretic bridge between

world religions that seem to have divided the world societies since ages. We are planning to

continue our way of Knowledge with meetings and personal contacts. For instance we have

entertained relationship with Rav. Nathan Rajswing member of the Rabbi Court of Jerusalem to

find common points in our faiths.

No contributions were was asked to the participants to these meetings. The Order at this

moment does not need transfers of money. All costs are covered with charity and directly by

the associated members. No donations were received or other gifts from people, corporations or


However the absence of money movements doesn’t mean an absence in activity. We

incorporated the Order with a view for the future to have many associated and, at this point, to

concretize some actions for the successors and the future generations. At that stage the Order will

actively start to generate a cash flow.

The annual accounts can be obtained from the Questor upon request at boot@kapitrans.com .